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This is a publishing platform for all aspects of human and social sciences in terms of security research. Special consideration is on aspects of economic sciences in connection with the St. Gallen Management Concept.

The scientific control over this site is hold by:

Dr. habil. György Nográdi, CSc (Corvinus Universität Budapest) Univ.
Prof. Dr. Giselher Guttmann (Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität)
Univ.-Prof. DDr. Salvatore Giacomuzzi (UniS, SFU, DX)
DDr. habil Harald Pöcher, PhD (UniS, SFU, DX)
Dr. iur. Rüdiger Stix, PhD (UniS, SFU, DX),
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Univ.-Lektor Dr. Bernhard Kaiser (UniS, SFU, DX)
Univ.-Lektor Dr. Harald Gell (UniS, SFU, DX).

Students  - studying at previously mentioned partner universities - coached by the interest group of professional officers (IGBO) herewith provide a summary of their theses submitted in German, English and Hungarian and their CVs (Curriculum Vitae).

In case of further interest the full text can be requested from the author by pressing the “order form” button. The author will then contact you and clarify details.

Please note: For some studies a publication ban was imposed. The full text of this study can therefore be made
available only after the ban has been lifted.

Shorts: SFU = Sigmund Freud Private University Wien; Cu = Corvinus University  Budapest, UniS = University of Sopron, DX = Danube Excellence